SOLACETM - Electromagnetic Induction Therapy (EMI)

Our first product is the SOLACE device. SOLACE uses radio frequency energy to create magnetic fields which are induced beneath the skin surface to create localized, planar heat in the dermis and deeper muscle, while selectively avoiding sensitive structures in the epidermis and fat layers. The SOLACE device creates currents in discreet planes beneath the tissue surface rather than directing energy through the epidermis.

The SOLACE device utilizes a directional handpiece to apply the planar heat more precisely to discrete areas of the body, which may provide clinicians with greater therapeutic control.

Solace Current Current Distribution Illustration - mPathix Health Inc pain management solutions

Future Indications – Leveraging the benefits of EMI for other potential uses

  • Aesthetics
  • Female Stress Incontinence
  • Axillary Hyperhidrosis